Why is China committed to green development?

2023-06-13 11:14:54  CRI
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"All beings flourish when they live in harmony and receive nourishment from nature." In ancient China, there was a profound awareness of how humanity and the natural world interconnected and a recognition of their intertwined fate. Building upon this wisdom, China today is committed to developing an ecological civilization. Unprecedented progress is being made across the country. Saihanba's green miracle is a shining testament to this ambition. Over a span of six decades, three generations of forest rangers meticulously transformed vast barren lands into a breathtaking tree-filled landscape. Their unwavering commitment is a symbol of "harmonious coexistence between humans and nature.” The current generation of Saihanba residents, aided by cutting-edge technologies, continue to embody this timeless wisdom by acting as custodians of the revered "Green Great Wall."