Why are reforms and innovation key to China's economic development?

2023-06-26 17:36:09  CRI
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"One doesn't have to follow a beaten path if he wishes to benefit the people and one doesn't have to observe old conventions if he wishes to get things done." Several thousand years ago, Chinese civilization recognized the significance of societal progress and transformative policies. This ideology has persisted and evolved in modern-day China. Situated on the outskirts of Beijing, Beilangzhong Village doesn 't have exceptional natural advantages. Nevertheless, driven by a spirit of reform and innovation, the village has transcended its dependence on a singular industrial structure to emerge as a renowned business hub. Consequently, the lives of its residents have been transformed. CGTN host Jia Jiabin and Aimara Gerdel, director of the Venezuelan Center for China Studies, invite you to embark on a journey to Beilangzhong Village, where the unfolding narrative of rural China's metamorphosis awaits.