Pakar Singapura: Tiada Bukti Koronavirus Baharu Asal dari Makmal

2020-04-26 16:12:32  CRI
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Pakar penyakit berjangkit dari Hospital Mount Elizabeth, Novena Singapura berpendapat, tiada bukti koronavirus baharu berasal dari makmal. Pandangan beliau seperti berikut.

"I do not think that Wuhan research center created SARS-COV-2 or COVID-19.

Scientists have investigated and looked at the genetics elements.

They are totally new and not linked to anything we should have ever seen on earth.

If you really want to get COVID-19

or the next coronavirus that’s going to infect the society,

look at the bats.

They have thousands and thousands of different coronaviruses that are ready to jump over to humans.

You don’t need to research in the laboratory.

Just look at the bats.

The next coronavirus attack will come from the bats again.

Let’s understand this.

There will be another COVID-19.

There will be another epidemic.

Science has shown again and again.

We had SARS. We had MERS. We had H1N1.

There will yet be another COVID-like infection.

All scientists, all clinicians,

it’s time to cooperate together.

We do not let our different countries, our different races, our different languages as barriers.

We will only speak in one language. The language of truth, the language of science."